Slate Run, Three Creeks and Walnut Woods are metro parks all located on the southeast side of town. If you enjoy riding your bike, both Walnut Woods and Three Creeks have long, scenic paths to ride on.

Slate Run Metro Park and Living Historical Farm

Take the half-mile covered bridge trail and walk across this restored 1800s covered bridge.

There is also a very large picnic building near the parking lot on the way to the large lake and trail area and a few pieces of play equipment. Children (ages 15 and youner) can fish in the Buzzard's Roost Lake.

The park is large and on the southern end, you can visit Slate Run Historical Farm. The farm is a working farm and there was someone working in the gardens during my visit. You can help out in the garden or learn about chores on the farm.

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Three Creeks Metro Park

This metro park is located at 3860 Bixby Road in Groveport. The park features 15 miles of trails at an area where the Alum, Big Walnut and Blacklick creeks converge. I spotted quite a few people riding their bikes during my visit-many training for Pelotonia. Runner, joggers, hikers, walkers and rollerbladers can also used the paths. The path also goes around Heron Pond, where people with permits are allowed to fish. At another entrance to the park is Sycamore Fields, an area with a large, fenced-in dog park and sports fields. For details on Three Creeks, visit

Walnut Woods

Also located in the Groveport area is Walnut Woods park. This park's Tall Pines area opened last year. It's a little more rustic and features a picnic table, port-a-john and grill near the parking lot. The paved bike trail is 2.5 miles and I passed some ladies out walking during my visit. If you plan on taking a lunch, be sure to have a trash bag as the park is carry-in, carry-out. Another great place to ride your bike, rollerblade or go for a long walk. For more information on this park, visit