Road rage became "sidewalk rage" when a woman pedestrian gestured to a car speeding down her street and ended up getting hit in the head with a cell phone.

Road rage became "sidewalk rage" when a woman pedestrian gestured to a car speeding down her street and ended up getting hit in the head with a cell phone.

Police responded to an altercation between two women June 11 in the 7700 block of Cheriton Circle. A woman told officers she had been walking with her children and husband when a speeding car approached them.

She said she held up two fingers to indicate the driver should be going 25 miles per hour and called the driver a "witch." She said the car stopped and a woman got out and yelled at her, then struck her in the head with a cell phone.

The driver told police the woman "got into her personal space," so she slapped her. She said the woman then punched her and "busted her lip."

The officer said he talked to witnesses who believe the driver was the primary aggressor. She was charged with assault after the incident.

In other Reynoldsburg police reports:

* Officers are investigating a report of a burglary that occurred while the homeowners slept. A resident said someone entered her home during the early morning hours of June 8 in the 7700 block of Pembrook Road.

She said she woke up to find her purse missing from the kitchen counter where she left it. The reporting officer said the screen to a front window had been removed and placed inside the home and there were mulch and grass clippings inside on the floor below the window.

* A resident in the 7200 block of Sabre Avenue reported she received a call at 1:45 p.m. June 12 from a man who claimed he was an officer with the U.S. Justice Department. She said the man told her she was being charged with three criminal counts and would have to pay $2,587.25 within the hour or an officer would come to arrest her for a fourth criminal charge.

She said the man knew her Social Security number and the number of a past bank account. The reporting officer said the number the woman was directed to call to send the money was a 917 area code out of the Bronx, N.Y.

* A woman reported a prowler at 11:10 p.m. June 13 at her residence in the 6500 block of Creon Drive. She told police she was lying on her bed when someone shone a flashlight in her bedroom window. She said she could make out a person's head and arm.

The reporting officer said a neighbor looked around the yard with a flashlight and saw a white man with a bald head and large forehead. The neighbor said the same man had looked into his bedroom window, but he had chased him away.

* A traffic stop led to an arrest on an outstanding warrant and another arrest on trespassing charges.

The reporting officer said he followed a vehicle traveling at 45 mph in a 35 mph zone and stopped it at 1:45 a.m. June 11 in the 7700 block of Quarry Cliff Court. He said the front passenger door opened before he could approach the vehicle and a man got out and walked toward a house, claiming it was his. The officer said the man gave him a false name but was carrying a passport with a description that matched him. The man was arrested on outstanding warrants from the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

Later, at 6:16 a.m., the officer returned to the residence to ensure the occupants had a right to be there. He found another man from the vehicle, a 20-year-old who told him he did not have any keys to the house but was given permission to be there by the man who was arrested.

The officer said the man who had been arrested had no keys to the house either, and told the 20-year-old he had five minutes to call the owners. The officer said the man attempted to push him out of the house and slammed a door on him, but he finally managed to get him handcuffed and arrested.

When the officer reached the actual homeowner, he was told the first man arrested was a stepson who does not have permission to be in the house. The owner was out of town and said no one is allowed to be in the house.