The plants in Como Yarden are growing pretty rapidly after some heavy rains. Stop by and view the yarden/urban garden when you're in the Clintonville/Olentangy Bike Path trail area.

Como Yarden update

Senior Web Producer Stefanie Hauck and I stopped back at Como Yarden, 268 W. Como Ave., to see how the garden was progressing yesterday and to shoot some more video. The garden is much more lush after recent rainfalls and the peach tree is bearing lots of fruit. In addition to a peach tree, the yarden/urban farm located in the front yard portion of the property, contains Snow White cherry tomatoes, various types of peppers including Aurora and Purple Jalepeños, Jerusalem artichoke, purple tomatillos, red raspberries, striped Roma tomatoes and herbs such as sage, lemon balm, sacred basil and wormwood. Carrots and radishes are growing in a bed up near the house. Theres also rhubarb, lovage, sunflowers and some "volunteer" plants such as a squash that's spreading out over the area.

I tasted a nasturtium flower, which was a little bit too bitter for my liking, a basil flower (which I could hardly taste after the nasturtium) and a couple of sun-ripened cherry tomatoes, which were a real treat.

If you're riding your bike or walking down the Olentangy Bike Path in the North Broadway area, stop by and check out Como Yarden. The property has a green spot from the city of Columbus.

A bumble bee on a purple coneflower.