Mike Roderick is still trying to take it to the top, but is hoping to find seven others to tackle Mount Rainer with him.

Mike Roderick is still trying to take it to the top, but is hoping to find seven others to tackle Mount Rainer with him.

An attempt to summit the 14,410-foot mountain last year to raise money for the Christine Wilson Foundation was sidelined at 12,000 feet after a back injury, but the Dublin resident isn't giving up and is seeking a few teammates to make the climb with him next summer.

With a team of eight to climb Mount Rainer in Washington, Roderick is hoping to raise $80,000 to give to eight different charities through monetary donations and "Taking it to the Top" T-shirt sales.

"There's eight to a team that goes to the summit," Roderick said.

"It's the maximum they can take. And it's all for raising money for charities."

Roderick hopes to split the $80,000 raised equally between A Kid Again, the Ronald McDonald House, Central Ohio Arthritis Foundation, Lifecare Alliance, Flying Horse Farms, Wounded Warrior Project and the Nationwide Childrens Hospital, which would include the burn ward the Christine Wilson Foundation benefits.

Roderick said he never met Wilson, a 19-year-old Dublin woman who died in a 2003 house fire near the Ohio State University campus.

Roderick moved next door to Wilson's parents a few years ago and after hearing about the tragedy got inspired.

Roderick is hoping to find "every day heroes" for the team including a police officer, firefighter, doctor, nurse and current or former military member.

"The appeal of having representation of everyday heroes is a lot of nurses and doctors are in the same kind of shape and have the aptitude to do something like this," he said.

"It's not a dangerous or life-threatening thing, but you need to be in pretty decent shape."

Besides committing to climb a mountain, Roderick also wants his teammates to help with fundraising.

"I'm hoping that the general public, in addition to the families, employers and friends of the people who come on board help," he said.

"My goal is to sell 4,000 shirts and raise $80,000 ... . That's $10,000 to each charity. It will all be over the course of the next 300-something days. You can do this year round."

The climb is slated for next summer, if Roderick can get a team assembled and places reserved in time.

"It would be a mid-July climb next year," he said. "The weather is the best then. You have the most successful chance of climbing then."

To get involved in the team, contact Roderick at 614-579-3966.