As a lifelong resident and parent to toddlers, I am invested in Worthington schools.

To the Editor:

As a lifelong resident and parent to toddlers, I am invested in Worthington schools. That's why I was proud to learn our district was the only one in Franklin County (and one of eight statewide) to receive straight A's for valued-added on the new state report card.

As a member of the legislature, I fight every day for our district. This year, because state funding for Worthington greatly exceeded projections, our district's existing levy might last five years. That's huge. Not only did the state not eliminate tangible personal-property-tax funding, but the budget actually increased base formula funding.

Truthfully, the new state budget was among the best for our district in many years. And while this success could be credited to many people, I want to single out one local school board member for special recognition: former board president Marc Schare.

In recent years, Marc has traveled at least five times to the Statehouse to testify on school funding, K-3 literacy, minimum school days, vouchers, forecasts and other topics. Because of Marc's work, legislators have heard the plight of suburban districts.

Clearly, Marc's efforts made an impact. Worthington will receive tens of millions of dollars over the next few years that our treasurer did not forecast.

Students will continue to enjoy varied offerings, from Advanced Placement classes to world-class music and arts programs, STEM classes, gifted services and alternative schools, such as Phoenix.

The value of Marc Schare's contribution cannot be easily overstated. As legislators, we are much more effective when people like Marc help us advocate for our schools.

Mike Duffey
State Representative,
21st Ohio House District