Turkey hash, courtesy of John Carlson of Latitude 41.

Ingredients 1 pkg cooked Cooper Farm Turkey or leftover turkey leg meat 1 small red onion 3 sweet potatoes peeled, diced the same size as turkey 1 green bell pepper 1 red bell pepper 2 oz fresh chives 1 oz Chipotles in adobo 6 oz pre-made Hollandaise 4 oz chicken or vegetables stock 8 local eggs Method

This can all be done day before.

1) Dice turkey in 1-inch pieces. You can use cooked or leftover turkey.

2) Cook sweet potatoes in stock or liquid until firm but cooked. Let cool and refrigerate

3) Make hollandaise. Packaged Knorr works well. You might want to add touch of lemon juice to sauce. Also blend in adobo to
heat preference and puree or blend. Immersion blender works well.

4) Sautee peppers onions add turkey and sweet potatoes, cook until all are warmed through and as needed add stock.

5) Poach eggs.

Service instructions

Season and plate hash on plate.

Place poached eggs on top and drizzle chili hollandaise on eggs.

Top with bias cut chive.