Before and after.

Before and after: the Smiling Scot Wholesale Showroom (top photo, from a 1962 publicity postcard), managed by Don Gump and his wife, Dotty, was located at the corner of Goodale Boulevard and Palmer Road in Grandview.

The building, on land originally part of the Northwest Boulevard Co. subdivision, was owned by Ohio Laboratories Inc., suppliers of home-cleaning products and general housewares. Smiling Scot was originally trademarked in 1936, and the Gumps established it as a wholesale outlet. It it became a popular place to purchase items that were out of the ordinary, and local residents frequented the showroom for unique collectibles and gifts.

A classified ad in the January 1959 Popular Mechanics magazine solicited sales agents for the company.

The ad stated: "Agents Wanted: Fabulous Money Makers. Fast-selling dishcloths. 500 other popular articles. Lowest wholesale prices. Smiling Scot DP3 1266 Goodale, Columbus 8, Ohio." The building still stands and now is occupied by Metro Industries.

Incorporated in 1966, Metro Industries is a family-owned fastener and industrial distributor.