Murphy is one of the more popular residents at Dublin Assisted Living & Memory Support by Senior Star.

Murphy is one of the more popular residents at Dublin Assisted Living & Memory Support by Senior Star.

The housing addition to Dublin Retirement Village opened in late January and its furriest resident moved in a few weeks ago, eliciting sighs and behind-the- ear scratches from many.

Murphy, a 1-year-old Golden Retriever, has taken up residence at the retirement village that provides assisted living and memory care at 6480 Post Road.

The first 10 months of Murphy's life were spent in training with the organization Pups Assisting with the Disabled as a therapy dog for aging adults and those with Alzheimer's and dementia.

"He was born for this," said Natalia Burke, administrator of Dublin Assisted Living and Memory Support by Senior Star.

Burke's observation isn't far off. Last week Murphy greeted people that came into the building and visited with residents who basked in his calm and laid-back manner, which isn't often seen in one-year-old pooches.

"He's got a great temperament," Burke said.

"He spends his time with residents and welcomes people. He has the most amazing demeanor."

Companionship is Murphy's main job.

"He's a source of comfort," Burke said.

The canine has his run of the place, but spends most of his time in the memory support area of the building that boasts 39 residences.

The assisted area has 60 apartments and Murphy does spend time there as well.

"Our residents take him on walks," Burke said. "It's something we do every day so it gives them a purpose. They can get outside and get exercise."

Murphy can follow basic commands and Burke said he's a sensitive fellow.

"I think he can sense when someone wants him nearby," she said, adding residents with dementia can get comfort from Murphy even if they can't vocalize the request.

Betsy Rodenbeck, community relations coordinator, said Murphy also brings memories back to residents.

"We get so many stories from when they were younger and the dogs they had," she said. "He can trigger good memories and bring them back to a happy, positive place."

Dublin Assisted Living and Memory Support by Senior Star currently has 27 residents. When people visit, Murphy is a definite draw, Rodenbeck said.

"He's been a very positive thing for our community so far," she said.

"When you come in and see a warm environment with a dog, it makes you smile and relax a bit," Burke said.

Russell Sawmiller who has lived at the facility for nearly a month seemed relaxed when he saw Murphy. He took a break from playing the piano to give Murphy a good scratch behind the ears, which is his forte. Treats, he leaves to others.

"Some of them have cookies for him," Sawmiller said.