They've got the stellar grades, the work ethic, the altruism. Now they're part of a society that proves it.

They've got the stellar grades, the work ethic, the altruism. Now they're part of a society that proves it.

Forty juniors were inducted Friday, April 15, into Grandview Heights High School's Alphega Chapter of the National Honor Society.

The ceremony held in the school auditorium included an address by Jamie Lusher, the school's chief academic officer.

"It's a larger number of inductees than usual and the junior class is larger this year, but it says a lot about the class that we have so many students who were eligible for induction," said RaeAnna Wieland, who serves as the society's co-adviser with Emily Meister.

The 2016 inductees are: Emma Amurgis, Adrienne Bechtel, Jordan Beight, Emma Berlin, Claire Bills, Laura Brannan, Evelyn Brown, Maria Claypool, Lauren Collier, Paige Crabill, Camille Day, Clare DiCuccio, Jack Dobies, Dareth Douglass;

Mary Elizabeth Evans, Lily Feast, Alan Field, Cassie Freeman, Ben Fultz, Molly Gilleland, Ben Hecker, Riley Henningsen, Hunter Holland, Joseph McCauley, Hannah McDermott, Learin McHugh;

Calley Schmalz, Atom Slaughter, Molly Smith, Jackson Spainhoward, Katie Stottlemire, Noah Sturbois, Maddie Taylor, Patrick Taylor, Lauren Tucker, Gretchen Varner, Chloe Wernet, Edie Workman, Hope Wulliger and Julianne Zimmerman.

"Membership in the National Honor Society is based on the four pillars of the society: scholarship, service, leadership and character," Wieland said.

Students must have at least a 3.5 grade-point average and complete at least 50 hours of volunteer community service, she said.

"Each student must have recommendations from three faculty members and we have an anonymous committee of faculty members that evaluates each application," Wieland said.

It's a true honor to be selected for National Honor Society, said senior Eryn Wolfe, who is serving this year as president of the Grandview chapter.

"For me, the accomplishment is knowing I achieved each of the standards for NHS represented by the four pillars," she said.

It was special to help preside over the April 15 ceremony, Wolfe said.

"It was pretty cool to see so many students in the junior class who wanted to be part of the NHS tradition and who qualified for membership," she said.

During the year, the National Honor Society participates in a number of community and fundraising projects, Wieland said.

This year's projects included raising funds for the American Heart Association and painting paw prints on the driveways of residents who want to demonstrate their Bobcat pride, she said.