Worthington City Schools' graduating seniors will soon leave high school life behind to accept diplomas at their 2016 graduation.

Worthington City Schools' graduating seniors will soon leave high school life behind to accept diplomas at their 2016 graduation.

The district's high schools will hold separate ceremonies on the same day at the same venue, with Worthington Kilbourne's at noon and Thomas Worthington's at 4 p.m. Sunday, May 29, at the Columbus Convention Center, Battelle Grand Hall, 400 N. High St., Columbus.

Worthington Kilbourne

Principal Angie Adrean said 302 seniors are set to graduate from Worthington Kilbourne with the ceremony theme, "Past, Present and Future."

"I will speak to the theme of the past; Micah Vincent, class president, will speak to the theme of the future," she said. "This themed speech will focus on our 25th anniversary and the overall accomplishments of our senior graduates."

Adrean said some of those accomplishments include members of the senior class receiving more than $11 million in scholarship offers.

She said class members will embark on "a diversity of journeys," including four-year colleges, Honda-Abbott internships, technical schools, military service and careers.

"The class is truly an extended family," she said. "They take of each other and support one another at all times. They have expressed a sincere gratitude for the support of classmates, teachers and family. And they appreciate the opportunities they have been given to personalize their learning, to take risks and to learn from their failures."

She said many of the students have been offered part-time jobs and paid internships and all have begun to build professional networks and relationships with mentors.

"Our school and the class of 2016 is connected because of the connections they have formed with one another's families," Adrean said. "It's often difficult to know which student belongs to which parent. They are certainly #StrongerTogether."

Thomas Worthington

Principal Jim Gaskill said the 419 seniors who are graduating from Thomas Worthington chose "Stay Gold" as their theme for graduation.

"This came out right away when thinking about the theme, as the class leaders reflected on their middle school days and their reading of The Outsiders," he said. "Our senior class president Tatum Beck and student body president Olivia McKinney will speak at graduation and offer thoughts about the future and reflections from their past years in Worthington."

He said 113 students would graduate with honors and 44 seniors have a 4.0 or higher grade-point average.

The seniors have accepted $2,895,900 in college scholarships so far.

"This group of kids stick together as a class and also stand out individually, with wonderful personalities, a strong desire to achieve and great senses of humor," Gaskill said. "Students in this class are friendly and always wear a smile as they traverse the hallways and interact with one another and with staff.

"I am always amazed year after year of how our senior class accepts each other, values each other's beliefs and differences and strive to be leaders in our school and in our community," he said.