I stopped by the Catalog Clearinghouse near Polaris Fashion Place to check out what they were offering this time around. I wrote a blog about it the last time it opened. The store offers items from popular gift catalogs. About half of what they had this time was T-shirts, sweatshirts and other apparel. The clothing is sorted by sizes this time. Sweatshirts are $8.95, T-shirts are $4.95 and pajama bottoms are $5.99. They have in some holiday merchandise, too. There are several doorbusters, but the one I think is the best deal is a decorative wood wall hanging for $9.99.

Some other items I saw for less than $10 include: * Snoopy cordless power toothbrush (set of 2) for kids. Very cute-reminds me of the Snoopy Sno Cone maker. * Crayon apron and Crayola crayons world's most washable crayons set. (I saw this as a gift idea for kids in my sister's US Weekly magazine and it's usually $24.) * Art posters. Lots of posters in all sizes for really good prices. * Playing card kit where you add your own photos to the cards to personalize the deck. * Holiday martini shaker and martini glasses. * Caddyshack, Three Stooges and Animal House stuff. (Sweatshirts, metal wall hangings) * Egg cooker for microwave. * Presidential Scrabble game. * Rolling Stones pajama pants. * Mini Cooper convertible collectible-size car.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy shopping!

(I'll post photos of a few of the items I saw tomorrow.)