If you're looking to try someplace new for breakfast or lunch here's a couple of European bakery cafes in central Ohio that serve up yummy fare. Keep in mind that they are independent eateries and not quite as cheap as eating off the McDonald's Dollar Menu, but cheap considering you get a taste of Europe without the expense of traveling there.

Tuula's This shop, located in the Kroger Marketplace strip center at the corner of Sawmill and Hard roads in Dublin offers drinks (including coffee and smoothies), pastries, salad, soup, strata, pies, cheesecakes and more. I've tried a few different things here, but my favorite is the strata. Most of the food is European and I have to ask what's in it. The strata I tried on a recent visit had a thin, marbled bread exterior with cream cheese, artichoke, spinach and tomatoes. It's served with pesto, which is some of the best I've had. There's seating with magazines and tables so you can sit back and relax as you eat. Strata from Tuula's European Cafe.

The French Loaf The French Loaf is also located in a strip center along Fifth Avenue just past Grandview Avenue and the new Walgreens. I tried several items on a recent visit including a chocolate croissant, cannoli and broccoli quiche. The chocolate croissant was so good that it's the best I've ever had. There was a small European bakery that had chocolate croissants in Chicago on Michigan Avenue and they were always a treat to get when I was growing up. I'd not had one for at least a decade when I was at a bakery that had them and it was awful as the chocolate was burnt and it had a greasy aftertaste. If you try anything at The French Loaf, make sure to try their croissants! The quiche was good as was the cannoli, but the croissant was my favorite. They offer a large selection of pastries and sweet goods. They have a small sit-down area for dining in. The broccoli quiche, cannoli and chocolate croissant from The French Loaf.