M/I Homes Ideas and Inspiration center at Easton •Friday, March 26: If you're willing to get out even after a rough start this morning, M/I Homes is having an event at Easton for singles tonight from 7:30-9:30 p.m. This event is for ages 21 and up. •Saturday, March 27: If you're planning a wedding visit the center from 1-4 p.m. to see what flowers, linens, cakes and music/bands are available for your reception. Both events take place at the center, 4047 Gramercy St.

COSI Family Fun Night! Tonight is a family fun night! Beginning at 5 p.m., admission will be $8. Admission includes an Extreme Screen movie. For details, visit www.cosi.org.

March Madness Of course, the Buckeyes are still in the running for the national basketball title and the game's on CBS tonight around 7 p.m. You could stay in, watch the game and enjoy have some pizza. Some deals from chains all over town" Little Caesar's have "hot n' ready" pizzas for $5 apiece, $10 offers await at Papa John's and Pizza Hut. Get Clippers tickets in advance: Dispatch Reader Rewards members can get one child ticket FREE with an adult ticket purchase.