Twilight saga continues The latest installment in the Twilight series begins early tomorrow morning in theatres. A couple of theatres in town are offering special showings of the previous 2 films along with other specials. Grandview Theatre on Grandview Avenue offers a dinner option and special souvenir for those who pre-order their tickets to the Eclipse screening. To preorder, call 614.486.5385. Visit for details on prices and options. Tickets to Eclipse are $8.50. Gateway Theatre in the OSU campus area also offers the first two films in the trilogy beginning at 7 p.m. Tickets for the first two screenings are $8.50 and $5 for Eclipse. They're also going to have trivia and prizes between showings. If you want to get the IMAX experience, I suggest you see it early tomorrow at AMC Lennox when it's only $10 compared to $14.50 for evening showings. For a list of showtimes and theatres showing Eclipse shortly after midnight, visit