Yet another giveaway at Chick-fil-A this week.

Free Fry Day As many of you already know, Chick-fil-A is my fave fast food eatery. The chain now has stores all over town so you should have no trouble locating one to visit to get your FREE waffle fries on Friday, March 4. The event is part of the celebration of the new Heinz Dip & Squeeze Ketchup. Between 2 and 4 p.m., ask for Heinz Dip & Squeeze and the free fry day promotion at Chick-fil-A restaurants to receive a FREE medium order of waffle fries. (With a limit of one per customer.)

Half-off Rita's Rita's in Powell opens today, March 1. Birthday club members get half off today. Hope you signed up when you read about it in my blog last year!

Taco Bell deal I'm guessing it's part of the Taco Bell damage control after the lawsuit over "beef in its products," but you might as well take advantage of it anyway. Get a Crunchwrap Supreme for 88 cents. Limit 2 per person through March 5.

Victoria's Secret Rewards Card Get a Secret Rewards Card (worth $10 or more) to use during April by spending $10 or more during March at Victoria's Secret. Kind of like getting stuff for free if you only spend $10 each time! I hope you know that VS is part of Limited Brands, a central Ohio company.