Thurman's If you're feeling a little sluggish and need to get some meat in your tummy, head to German Village. The Thurman Cafe, 183 Thurman Ave., serves up the biggest, tastiest burgers I've had in Columbus. Not that other places don't have good burgers, but most aren't as big as Thurman's. Also, Thurman's has a Galaga/Pacman arcade game and pinball machine. Most other burger joints can't come close to having the ambience Thurman's has. The walls are filled with dollar bills, plaques, photos, signs and tons and tons of names. The place isn't all that large and the last couple of times I've been there we've had to wait to get a table. Last year, the eatery was featured on the TV show Man vs. Food. The Thurmanator, in my opinion, big enough for 4 people to share and most burgers are large enough for 2! The Thurmanator is a 1-pound burger that is overloaded with ham, mozzarella, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, mushrooms, sauteed onions, pickle, peppers, and mayo with chips and a pickle spear. All other burgers are 3/4 pounders. I've had a number of different things here from the thin-crust pizza to the Thurmandelphia steak sub, but the burger is the best. I also like their onion straws. They're larger than ones you get elsewhere, but have a good flavor. You're likely to pay a little more than the Cheap Thrills budget after you get a drink and add a tip as the typical burger platter is around $10. If you have a hankering for a burger, I highly suggest you head to The Thurman Cafe to try their burgers. I also suggest you go at an off time or weekday as it's a busy place. For more information and to see the menu, visit