These aromatic candles for sale at Objects for the Home in Grandview are made locally on Parsons Ave.

Grandview Grandview Avenue and the adjacent area is home to numerous popular restaurants. Tomorrow, the city will hold its annual Lazy Daze festival. The festival showcases artists and their work. Last year, I really wanted to buy a necklace from a jewelry designer who uses geodes and I hope she's back this year. There's also some yummy food for sale, music, arts and crafts for the kids and the library book/av sale. It takes place down by the library on First Avenue. For more on the festival, visit Yesterday, I wandered into some businesses in the redone Wagenbrenner building on the east side of Grandview Avenue that had burned down. I checked out the Objects for the Home store, which carries a variety of items in addition to furniture. Sometimes you can find some cute one-of-a-kind and locally handmade items for a good deal in these sorts of downtown boutiques. For $10 or less I saw some cute stationery, these j2 candles and glass holders. Next door is Orange Leaf yogurt shop, which I said I'd try once it was open. I love the vibrant interior, especially the mod orange and white chairs. They have a large selection of yogurts on tap and like many, it's get your yogurt and add your toppings and you pay based on weight. I tried the red velvet, peanut butter, green tea and chocolate/caramel. I liked the red velvet and peanut butter were the best. Toppings include coconut, fruit, nuts, candy bars, Oreos and lots more. One thing they had that I haven't seen offered anywhere else is Rice Krispies treat squares in the toppings area.

Cheryl's sale Cheryl's is having its Summer Bake Sale. It's at the Westerville Headquarters, 646 McCorkle Boulevard from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. today, July 22. They'll have frozen doughballs, cookies, gifts and more. I wrote about this last year and they have really good deals on a variety of items. The retail stores will also be having sales on select gifts and they have a 2 dozen cookies for $19.99 cookie club sale online. For online sales and central Ohio store locations, visit

MJR sale MJR fashion outlet, which I wrote about a few blog posts ago, is having a sale, too. It's located off of Corporate Drive in Plain City. They mainly sell items from Victoria's Secret and The Limited. For more information, visit