This bird was one of many poultry varieties on display during the Ohio State Fair in the Poultry and Rabbit Pavilion.

Ohio State Fair The fair opened today and I went to check it out. I started off seeing the poultry and rabbits. There's all sorts of chickens, turkeys and rabbits to see. Then, I headed to the Shark Exhibit across the way. There are live sharks swimming around in a tank and shows daily. In the Fine Arts building you can see and vote for your favorite artwork. Check out the hay artwork on your way out. Next, a trip to the free petting zoo, which features some unusual animals such as a Aoudad from Africa, llamas, kanagaroos, a large tortoise, zebra, alpaca, Scottish Highland cows, sheep, ostrich and more. It's $1 for carrots to feed them or a quarter for pellet food. After that, I started seeing all the "fair food" vendors lined up as I made my way to the Ohio food court. They have all sorts of stuff for sale, including Ohio wines. One woman had a particularly good looking plate with a corndog, corn on the cob and watermelon. There are tons of rides in the Mountain Dew Midway and it was pretty busy when I was there. The Skyride, which takes visitors from one side to the other, offers a birds-eye view of the fair. It's $3 each way. If you don't like heights or don't want to spend the money, look for the energy-efficient trailer that circles around the park and get on for a free ride. I also made my way to see the Budweiser Clydesdales, model train display and artwork and crafts in the DiSalle building. The crafts and art on display show just how talented Ohioans are. I really liked the cake decorating display and hooked rugs. If you're not too tired, check out the livestock, Department of Natural Resources area and KidsZone. If you're tired, check out one of the shows. I didn't see either of these, but the pig race at pork chop downs and woodcarving demo looked like fun. Also, Ohio Lottery had Cash Explosion shows today. I tried the Krispy Kreme Donut Burger from California Cafe and it was sooo good. I know, it sounds weird, but it was really tasty. Quite a few people asked if it was good or not. It's the right mix of part sweet and part salty. It was a little pricey at $8, but worth trying and not that much considering it's about the average sandwich price at the fair. Be sure to print out coupons before you go. For more information on the fair, to plan your visit and learn about special admission promotions, visit Some sample food prices: Funnel cakes and elephant ears $5, Muddy Pig (bacon in chocolate) $3 or 2 for $5. Lemon shake ups $5 and $3 refills. Also, it's $10 for most of the glitter tattoos, face painting and henna art. TIP: To save money, take a water bottle to refill at drinking fountains or refill the drink containers you get with water. Make sure you check out the day's special admission promotion so that you get in for a discount. Thursday is Kroger day and each member in your party can get in for $4 with a Kroger Shoppers Card. Take 2 non-perishable food cans with you on Friday before 3 p.m. to donate to Mid-Ohio Foodbank and get in for $3. Regular admission is $10 for ages 13-59, $8 youth 5-12 and $8 for seniors. Ages five and under are admitted free of charge. It's $5 to park in AAA lots. HAVE FUN!