COSI has a new MythBusters exhibit on display and an Energy Explorers one coming soon. Visit on Family Friday Nights to save money on your visit.


The Center of Science and Industry moved into the old West Side High School a decade ago, but I had never been inside the building. I visited with a co-worker to do a video shoot of the new MythBusters exhibit. My co-worker said she wasn't that impressed with the visit she did when the museum first moved, but now it's "pretty cool." I have to admit, I went to COSI and the original Wendy's on Broad Street about every year in elementary school for a field trip. I do miss some parts of the old COSI, but I find the new one to be larger and more encompassing. I was very impressed. Some displays such as the "Progress" exhibit and large pendulum made their way to the new space. Others, such as the "Labs" in the Life display about the body and mind are new. One of my favorite areas on our overview tour was the "Ocean" area. Expect to get wet when you visit this display to learn about marine biology. Also be sure not to miss the old submarinelocated in an area adjacent to the Oceans exhibit.

One thing I would suggest is to call in advance and find out what workshops will be taking place the day you plan to visit. They have a number of them in spaces throughout the museum, but you need to register to get into one of them.

I found the MythBusters exhibit to be really fun and tried out a couple of the stunts myself. Trying to throw a playing card and dodging a bullet are harder than one might think. There's also an live, interactive show and video clips from the TV show along with props and even outfits worn on the show.

If you're on a budget, visit the museum during its monthly "Family Friday Nights" event from 5-9 p.m. the last Friday of every month for $10.95 per person. If you want to include the MythBusters exhibit, the cost is $18.95. I would suggest you buy tickets in advance, which includes a fee. The dates during the summer are June 28, July 26 and Aug. 30.

Regular general admission rates are $17.95 for adults, $12.95 for ages 2-12 and $16.95 for ages 60 and older. If you want to see MythBusters during your visit, the cost is $24.95, $10.95 for ages 2-13 and $23.95 for ages 63 or older. Members can visit MythBusters for $6.

Visitors can ddd Adventure for $5, or $3 for members. Extreme Screen Movies alone are $7.50 per person and current shows include "Flight of the Butterflies" in 3-D" and "Titans of the Ice Age" in 3-D.

If you're a member, the MythBusters exhibit is $6 per person.

Opening sometime in July will be the Energy Explorers exhibit where visitors can learn about energy consumption and how to lesson one's environmental footprint.

The popular Big Machines exhibit, where large tractors and other farm equipment will be on display for viewing and checking out, will be at the museum Aug. 14-18.

The museum is open Monday-Saturday from 10 a.m to 5 p.m. and Sundays from noon to 6 p.m. The museum stays open late for Family Friday nights the last Friday of each month from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

To plan your visit, check out the website at

Parking is $5 for visitors and $4 for members.