Take advantage of Friday night wine and food offerings at central Ohio grocers.

If you're a wine lover, I suggest you stop by some of the grocers offering specialty items for a wine tasting on Friday night.

Whole Foods

I think Whole Foods started this trend. The store offers five wine and small plates stations in each of its shopping areas and a wine glass for $6. If you reuse your glass, the price drops to $5. It's pretty filling and you get to try new food and wines. Take place on Friday nights from 5-7 p.m. (They also have a beer tasting event Monday nights)

Giant Eagle Marketplace Kingsdale

The Kingsdale will offer six sommelier chosen wines and six chef-selected small plates for $6. Happens from 6-8 p.m. Fridays in April.

Kroger Marketplace

I'm not sure all of them offer wine tasting happy hours, but the one by work in Lewis Center does. (See photos) They have four wines to try for $1. That means its only a quarter per wine. They also offer complimentary crackers and pepperoni or sausage, cheese and a dessert item. This is by far the cheapest wine tasting option. I went after work and there was a St. Patrick's Day theme with gourmet cheese, Irish soda bread, crackers and pepperoni/summer sausage and truffle almonds. I only tried one wine, Sledgehammer, and it was really good. Paying only a buck for happy hour wine and snacks might not be a bad deal if you're in the area. Many other Kroger stores offer wine tastings on Saturdays.

*You must be 21 or older and have I.D. for these events.