IKEA lovers should stop by Bargains & Buyouts to check it out when making a furniture-buying trip to Cincinnati.

Bargains and Buyouts

Lots of people are excited about IKEA opening a store in Polaris (http://www.thisweeknews.com/content/stories/westerville/news/2015/01/27/ikea-picks-polaris-for-central-ohio-location.html) in the summer of 2017. Many in Columbus currently shop at the IKEA store in the Cincinnati area. Listen up Swedish megastore lovers-I recently found a furniture store in Cincinnati that I feel offers a little bit better quality stuff and selection that's worth checking out if you're going to the area. However, you'll have to go to IKEA to get the Swedish meatballs.

My cousin posted on Facebook about a blog post on a great furniture bargain store in Cincinnati called Bargains and Buyouts. I almost don't want to tell people about it for fear it will become popular and they'll raise prices, but it's always best to share. The store is located at 5150 Glencrossing Way, Cincinnati 45238. It's in an older strip center on the west side. My sister had a medical appointment in town, so we went there to check it out. They have really good deals as mentioned in the blog posts I've read about it. I expected it to be mainly furniture, but they actually have more than that. The store also has linens, lighting, sinks, mirrors, wall decor, dinnerware and glassware, clothes and electronics. I found some of the best deals in "bargain bins," which have things like down comforters for $30, down pillows for $10 and high-end towels 3 hand towels for $10. (They are large cardboard boxes and you have to look through stuff for items you like.) They also have quite a few curtains, decorative pillows and slipcovers. They had a special on curtains for ones on skids to be half off so I scored a pair of blackout velvet curtains for less than $50. I also got a designer shower curtain that retails for $48 for $10 and down pillow that retails for $220 for $10. My sister got two nice Linum bath mats for $10. The majority of the store is taken up by furniture and they have all different kinds of styles and colors. I even saw a Vernor Panton chair and some designer Italian chairs, so some of the items are very high-end thing you would find at Design Within Reach for a fraction of the cost. Most of the bargain bin and odds and ends items-I even spotted a double stainless steel sink and corner jaccuzi tub-are firm on the price and are marked as such. People say asking for discounts, especially if you're buying several pieces of furniture, is welcome. I really wanted a leather and walnut bench that was priced at $99, but had no room in my car or home for it. Many of the items are returns or store models and come from Overstock, Joss & Main, Wayfair, Amazon and the like. I got a leather headboard (no legs) for $30. Most items are in brand new and excellent condition, but a couple of furniture items had blemishes-I'm talking two out of a hundred. The store also has wall art for reasonable prices. Some of the sample prices of items I saw in rugs and furniture were futons with mattresses for $199, pendant lights for $25, 5x8 wool flokati rugs for $75, rollaway beds for $99, backless barstools 2/$50 and nice wood and upholstered bedframes for $159. They also have clothing, including designer sunglasses with cases such as Chloe and Moschino for $30, and electronics.

*My advice is to allow at least an hour to look around, take a large vehicle or moving truck if you're planning on buying furniture and have an idea of what you like in mind before heading there. Here's a link to the website http://www.bargainsandbuyouts.com/ to plan your trip. They're open most days from 10-8, but I suggest you get there early to get a cart to put stuff in since they only have around six of them, according to a guy I asked.

Also, I like to stop at a store called Gabriel Brothers if I'm in need of clothes or shoes and in Cincinnati. It's located at 12035 Lebanon Road in Sharonville. There's also the Gap Clearance Store across the state line in northern Kentucky-not too far from Jungle Jim's grocery.