I suspect the backlash will come any day for my list of top 10 sandwiches in central Ohio. The first five are online and in the paper today. The remainder will be listed next week. There will be numerous “How could you leave off…?” conversations with readers, co-workers and friends. It’s always hard to compile a “best of” list, especially food. Everybody tastes things differently. It certainly was difficult to narrow it down to 10 but it seemed like a reasonable number. When it comes to a sandwich, it doesn’t have to have many layers, but they all have to work in concert on the palate. Beef obviously was the most favored ingredient for no particular reason, other than it signals hearty fare. No vegetarian sandwiches made the list, although attempts were made to find one. Usually, a restaurant’s vegetarian option involves eliminating the meat from a sandwich and leaving the vegetables. But the search will continue. Eliminating top-tier choices was perhaps the most difficult part of my journey. Sandwiches I had loved in the past turned out to be total busts on return visits. And even if they weren’t busts, they didn’t measure up to past memories. You see, a restaurant is always in motion. It’s not like an album, which always sounds the same, or a movie, which always plays the same. Chefs change, items are sometimes left on the stove too long and maybe the bread isn’t as fresh as it was the day before. The good news is the list is to be amended, debated and, best of all, enjoyed for weeks to come. Got a suggestion? Let me know.