An easy way to green your transportation without buying a fancy expensive hybrid or other green car is to buy green car products. I did a little research and found a variety of products you can incorporate into your car's regular maintenance schedule.

Air filters

K&N replacement air filters provide improved air flow. According to K&N, allowing air to more freely flow to the engine improves fuel economy as well. Plus, considering that each air filter is backed by a 10 year/one million mile warranty, simply cleaning the filter every 50,000 miles rather than buying a new one cuts down on waste. K&N air filters are designed for specific years, makes, and models, wonít void a stock vehicle warranty, and are legal in all 50 states. More information is available at

Tire pressure gauge

According to the Department of Energy, fuel economy decreases 0.4 percent for every 1 psi drop in tire pressure on all four tires. While this may not seem like much, letting your tires go underinflated for an extended period of time will eventually cost you. Weekly tire pressure checks are made easy with the AutoSport Accutire Mechanicís Digital Tire Gauge, a instrument that provides air pressure readings in half-pound increments displayed on an extra-large, backlit LED. A built-in lithium battery powers the gauge for the lifetime of the unit, while a separate button cell powers a backlight. The Accutire is accurate to within 0.5 psi and retails for $29.95. More information is available on AutoSportís website at

E3 Spark Plugs

E3 Spark Plugs ("Energy/Efficiency/Ecology") aims to promote a clean and complete burn, reducing specific emissions in long-term use and reducing the carbon deposits that shorten engine life. Through the DiamondFIRE electrode design, which forces edge-to-edge sparks to promote a faster flame front and a more complete burn reduces overall fuel usage in a car's engine. The E3 retails for $5.99. More information is available at

Keeping your car clean with Simple Green

Simple Greenís environmentally positive Simple Green Car Wash Cleaner features a specially-designed formula that keeps the cleaning power and biodegradability of regular Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner, but is also gentle enough to use on automotive surfaces. The Car Wash Cleaner safely cleans paint, clear coat, windows, metal, chrome, rubber, canvas, and vinyl, and wonít dull or strip away waxed surfaces. The product comes in a bottle made from Polyethylene Terephthalate that, unlike some other plastics, is fully recyclable. More information is available at