April 22 is the 40th anniversary of the first Earth Day.

In 1970, Cleveland's Cuyahoga River caught on fire after being inundated with oil and toxic chemical; air pollution was rampant; toxic fumes came from factories and automobiles; enormous fish die offs occurred in the Great Lakes; 'Silent Sprint' novel was released by Rachel Carson, documenting the connection between pesticides and a drastic drop in the population of many birds including Bald Eagles; and 20 million Americans demonstrated to clean up the environment! The Environmental Protection Agency and Clean Air Act began, too.

After people stopped using DDT and other pesticides, Bald Eagles and other wildlife began to recover. This year, please consider honoring this anniversary by volunteering to help the environment at home, or with a Columbus initiative: http://update2010.org

For organic lawn care, remember to apply corn gluten between now and mid-April.

If you have been feeding birds, please continue. Even though plants are greening up, little is going to seed or berry yet. Seed-eating birds need your help.

Take care with spring trimming - you might accidentally take away someone's nest. Wondering what to do with the branches? How about creating a brush pile if regulations allow?

Happy Earth Day! - Toni Stahl, National Wildlife Federation Habitat Ambassadors www.backyardhabitat.info

What's New? Chimney Swifts are coming her from South America! Report sightings by emailing DWA@austin.rr.com. See Postings: http://www.concentric.net/~dwa/page188.html Ruby-throated Hummingbirds status: http://www.hummingbirds.net/map.html Here come the Monarch Butterflies: http://www.learner.org/jnorth Nature 'Stuff' - Thurs, 4/1, 9-4, In Harmony with Nature, Creating Green Space with Native Plants, Mulberry Community Center, Pomeroy http://meigs.osu.edu/events/in-harmony-with-nature

- Fri, 4/9, 8:30-4, Invasive Species Workshop, London, registration deadline 4/2, http://ohiodnr.com

- Sat, 4/10, 9-noon, EcoDublin Expo, Dublin Community Recreation Ctr, 5600 Post Rd, Dublin http://www.dublin.oh.us/itsgreener/ecodublin.php

- Sat, 4/10, 10am, 25 Ways to Eradicate Invasive Honeysuckle, Inniswood Metro Park, Westerville, Scroll down at http://www.for-wild.org/chapters/columbus

- Mon, 4/26, 7am-7pm, Valley of the Wildflowers Tour, Bus ride with naturalists to northwest Ohio; $50, register by 4/16, 614-644-7644 extension 5

- Sat-Sun, 5/1-5/2, Flora-Quest, Shawnee Park and the Edge, register by 4/18, http://www.flora-quest.com/