Hello, Nature Lovers,

Even though the oil spill is finally being capped - scientists predict that damage will continue. You can help wildlife caught in oil spills by donating hair, fur and nylons.

Hair is stuffed into recycled nylons (with mesh to provide a strong exterior). These booms are then tied together and used to encircle and contain oil spills to keep oil from spreading. Watch hair and nylons in action in this video. You can also cut the use of oil and petroleum by recycling plastic - it accounts for about 1/3 of the oil that's drilled in our country. See Greenopolis for ideas.

Even a small patch of urban woods can help migrating birds. See more about this Ohio study.

Baby birds often leave the nest before they can fly. They hide in bushes, but parents are usually nearby and send off a warning chirp for the baby to be quiet. For the most part, adults take care of their young very well, so it's best to leave them alone and watch from a distance. See Ohio Wildlife Center for more information.

Keep Carpenter bees from destroying your wood by painting it with polyurethane instead of wood stain.

You can control mosquitoes from reproducing by eliminating standing water in your yard: Mosquito Source Reduction. The Columbus Dispatch paper stated that fogging kills 75 percent of all insects, including mosquito-eating dragonflies, aphid-eating ladybugs, pollinating bees and butterflies. To request not having your yard sprayed, contact your Public Health Dept. Not all cities spray, and there are different ways to sign up (some by letter, some online, etc.).

- Toni Stahl, National Wildlife Federation Habitat Ambassador backyardhabitat.info

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