Waste Not Center, recycling tip

This is a great upcycle example:

The Waste Not Center, 2830 B Fisher Road, receives items from businesses that would otherwise be discarded. The center makes these discarded items available to teachers, artist and nonprofit groups at no charge other than an annual membership fee.

Items available at the center include paper, pads, plain-cover notebooks, art paint, brushes, glue, fabric, pens, markers, foam core, vases, silk flowers, books, videos, folders, envelopes, pencils and containers.

If you're interested in donating, becoming a member or finding out more information, call 614.278.9445.

*My recycling tip for the week: I just learned that greasy pizza boxes are best thrown away than recycled. The grease from a single pizza box can ruin an entire batch of paperboard recycling because the grease separates from the water and paperboard mixture and ruins the batch.