Recycling is becoming more prominent during large events and in central Ohio.

Recycling becoming more prominent

During my recent visit to the Ohio State Fair, I was pleased to see even more recycling efforts this year. I saw numerous cans for recyclable cans/bottles and paper. I also saw a bin for cardboard. Not everything is recyclable, but it's amazing the things you can recycle to make other products. For example, the Recycling Express train (in photo above) in the Department of Natural Resources area is made from 7,776 milk jugs. The benches which are labeled with each of the 88 Ohio counties are also made from recycled plastic. The large recycle symbol artwork above the building that showcases artwork is made from bottle caps. Remember to save your caps and drop them off at places like Generation Green in Dublin.

Another item I saw at the Ohio State Fair was a solar "Sun Oven" in the camping showplace at the Natural Resources area. It uses the sun's rays to heat and cook food. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see it in action, but I think it's a neat idea and I'm for all things solar. For more information on the Sun Oven visit the website at

With recycling containers being given to Columbus residents, many may not be aware of what is and isn't accepted by SWACO. I've provided the list from their website here:

Acceptable Materials

Items that can be crushed or flattened save space on your container and in the recycling drop-off dumpsters, always flatten your boxes. Place all of your recycling inside the drop-off bin(s). Items left beside a recycling bin can easily become litter and is considered illegal dumping. The items listed below are currently accepted through this recycling program:

Plastic: All Plastic Bottles #1-7 Accepted. Labels and caps do not need to be removed. Glass: Clear, Brown, Green and Blue Glass Bottles and Jars in which food products are packaged. labels do not need to be removed. (Please rinse all containers.) Paper: Newspaper with ad slicks, Magazines, Phone Books, Brown Grocery bags, Frozen Food Boxes, "Junk" mail, Chip Board, Corrugated Cardboard, Office paper. Carton Containers: Gable-Top Containers and/or Paperboard Containers containing items such as Milk, Juice, Fabric Softner, Egg Substitute Containers, Soups, Stocks and Broths. Metals: Aluminum and Bi-Metal Beverage cans, Steel Food/Tin Cans, Aluminum Foil, Empty Aerosol Cans. Labels do not need to be removed. (Please rinse all containers Non-Acceptable Materials

Listed below are items not currently accepted through this recycling program.

Plastic Containers that DO NOT have a Bottle Neck: Yogurt cups and other cups/containers that DO NOT have a neck. Plastic toys, any type of plastic bag, plastic films and bubble wrap ARE NOT accepted for recycling. Glass: Ceramics, Window or Drinking Glass, Light Bulbs and/or any other glass not in the shape of a container. Egg Cartons: Polystyrene foam (styrofoam) and paper egg cartons ARE NOT accepted for recycling. Drink Pouches: Drink Pouches typically made of or lined with foil and plastic ARE NOT accepted for for recycling. Metals: Paint Cans, Coat Hangers, Steel Scraps and/or any other metal not in the shape of a container IS NOT accepted for recycling.

Abitibi paper recycle containers

Remember you can drop off your paper products such as mail, magazines and colored paper at the Abitibi recycle containers all over central Ohio.

If you're like me and don't have recycling at your residence, you can drop them off at one of these SWACO recycling dumpsters on their website