Columbus working to preserve waterways and surrounding areas, ideas on places to buy locally-made holiday gift items.

Green Infrastructure

I was out at Griggs Reservoir Park walking my parent's dog and catching some sunshine when I spotted a sign about Green Infrastructure. I noticed what looked like a retaining wall with plants in one area of the park in the summer and just assumed it was done for decoration purposes and to hold up the hill. Lo and behold, it was really part of Green Infrastructure improvements, which include the living wall that I thought was just for looks, shoreline stabilization, a rain garden and a bioretention basin. If you're in the area, be sure to check it out. It's great to see the green infrastructure in place to capture and treat stormwater runoff.

Buy local

I'm making an effort to buy more locally-made items for Christmas this year. I picked up quite a few great and inexpensive items at The Golden Hobby Shop in German Village recently. Some clever central Ohio seniors have found great ways to repurpose items, too. These include cute tree-shaped ornaments made from buttons, stationery made from old maps, and Mason jars being made into luminarias. Some other picks include Homage T-shirts, Zeroz wallets and handmade items from Wholly Craft or Tigertree. If you're shopping at The Mall at Tuttle Crossing, check out Simply Vague, a store featuring products made in Ohio.

In other news, Celebrate Local, currently housed along The Strand at Easton Town Center, will be relocating its store.

Old maps stationery set for sale at Golden Hobby Shop.