As made clear in the video, there's a lot to like about Acme. Like Nesbitt, I'm not the biggest hotdog fan. In fact, I've been avoiding meat lately. But Acme was a nice time for a meat holiday.

Owner Mark Weilbacher takes time to talk to his customers in the small Northland store and during our visit we learned that everything is made from scratch, including the smoky barbeque sauce and cole slaw on the sloppy, but delicious Cleveland Po Boy. The hotdogs and sausage are made just for Acme, including the new wild game sausages that are a special recipe put together by Mark.

Along with all the toppings, hotdog and sausage choices, the wild game sausages make any decision nearly impossible with options like wild board, duck, pheasant, venison and lamb. The duck sausage we had was incredibly tasty and cooked perfectly with a little char on the outside and lots of juices inside.

After splitting three hotdogs with Nesbitt I was pretty sure I wouldn't eat until June, but then Mark brought out an order of funnel cake fries. They look pretty good, but I've never been a fan of funnel cakes. To be honest, I'd rather have ice cream, or if fried dough is a must, a donut. But Nesbitt's oohhhing and the Dutch chocolate sauce got my attention and after one funnel cake fry I wanted them all. I seriously considered attacking them Garfield style.

I think the fries are much less intimidating that a large, plate-sized piece of fried dough. Acme also does it perfectly, with a crispy outside and goey inside. I'm not sure what Mark puts in the Dutch chocolate sauce, but to quote Nesbitt: "It's like a chocolate explosion." And in a very good way.

So if you've got a hankering for an all-American meal, or just something tasty, I'd recommend Acme. And did I mention they have a hotdog wrapped in bacon?