...of folks thinking this is an American Idol blog, we'd like to offer a few last takes on Season Six, which, for those not paying attention, ended last night.

First of all, Taylor Hicks won this thing last season? The Beat is still flabbergasted by this. Sanjaya's Kinks re-redux was at least as good as anything Taylor had to offer last night, and even that wasn't good. And we thought maybe we were being critical of Bette Midler's performance, but a Critic Crony who "loves Bette Midler" confirmed that she was struggling last night. And does AI ever know how to stretch? Nice touch to bring back all the past winners (minus the disenfranchised Fantasia), but that Beatles tribute was, well, difficult to watch (and listen to). Have you ever seen a performer look more out of place than Ruben singing "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds?"

We offered no prediction yesterday and the result of the "nationwide vote" shows why. The Beat would have figured that, if we were going to crown the best singer, Melinda Doolittle would have won. When she didn't make the final two, we figured the entertainer - Blake Lewis - might take top honors. It makes sense, though, that disgruntled Melinda-backers would flock to Jordin Sparks, the next best thing as far as singers goes. Good luck to all.

This is the first season The Beat has watched from pretty much the beginning to the end. For the most part, the voters get it right in whittling it down to the last 3 or 4 contestants. But only twice has The Beat agreed with the ultimate winner. Could be we don't know what we're talking about? Also, we wonder if the producers have thought about tinkering with the methodology of selecting winners by public vote only.