Last week's 30-year anniversary of "Star Wars" did not pass without The Beat (thinking musically, of course) pondering the significance of John Williams' tremendous and memorable score.

Then we got to thinking about other modern film composers, especially those known for scoring epic-style movies -- James Horner, , the late Michael Kamen, John Barry and others -- plus "specialists" like Danny Elfman and the underrated Elmer Bernstein. There are so many more.

Then we got to thinking about orchestral music ("classical" music) and how, for many folks, film scores is as close as they'll get to it. (Witness the success of the live performances of Howard's Shore's music from "The Lord of the Rings.") We realize that taste and technology evolve, and that there's plenty of high-quality orchestral music being composed and performed today. But film music is the most likely of this style of music to enter the public consciousness.

Ands then we got to thinking it was time to start thinking about something else.