Anyone else watch the Tony Awards? The Beat happened upon them -- we don't usually watch award shows. But we settled in for a bit to see what happened.

While watching we got to wondering how long before we here in central Ohio will find the big winners touring here? So we went to the source -- Broadway Across America - Columbus' Allison Thomas.

"Generally the Tony's are a big indicator of what will tour. When the nominations come out, maybe they'll start thinking, then when the awards are announced things get in motion. They already have the product. They just have to make it road ready."

Thomas figures "Mary Poppins" will tour, as will, of course, "Spring Awakening."

"'Spring Awakening' can go on tour as soon as it's cast and booked. 'Mary Poppins,' because of all of its technical aspects, will take some time."

Either way, Thomas confessed, tours typically take 2-3 years to get to Columbus. (Witness "Wicked" and "Avenue Q," 2004's big musical winners, hitting Columbus now and next season. ("Avenue Q" was delayed by an ill-fated decision to try and home base in Las Vegas rather than tour.)

So expect to see "Spring Awakening" in, say 2009 or maybe 2010. Meantime, check out the quality season Broadway Across America - Columbus has on tap for next season.