The Beat spent last night, along with ThisWeek's Lin Rice, at The Basement for the Columbus regional competition of the U.S. Air Guitar Championships. Now, we're working on a feature piece, along with some great video that Lin shot, for, so we won't go into great detail here.

One story we wanted to share. The organizers were seeking additional "wild-card" entrants for the contest (and no, we never considered it, although the competition ended with all the contesnats and most of the audience on stage air rockin' to "Freebird," the song of The Beat's greatest air guitar moment, but we digress). So they manage to convince to fashionably-dressed young women to compete against a bunch of guys who had prepared for weeks and were fully costumed. In talking to them later, turns out they'd recently moved to town and were just spending a fun night out together. The one said "This was not something I planned." Then she added, with an air of disbelief, "I live on a farm." So she got up on stage and air-rocked to Metallica's "Enter Sandman."

Two things to sum up. 1) This is something they'll remember for the rest of their lives. 2) If anyone happens to know those two young women, let 'em know we've got video that's going to be up very soon.