...to explain.

So The Beat's nine-year-old daughter really enjoyed "Grease: You're the One That I Want," the NBC reality show to select the leads for a revival of the musical on Broadway. So much so that the Beat family discussed taking a trip to New York City this summer to take in the show, among NYC's other sights and delights. Meantime, she has acquired the movie soundtrack and DVD, and set about memorizing the songs. (Please save your concerns about whether the film is appropriate for nine-year-olds for ThisWeek's parenting blog.)

We, however, talked about it too long and did nothing about it, and found that the shows during the time frame we're available were sold out. Of course, there are other options, but our spirits were a bit down. Then, we discovered that Disney's "Tarzan" had been adapted for the stage and was playing, and that tickets were available. Tickets ordered, trip booked thanks to Expedia, and the Beats were good to go. Plus, there was still the chance we'd be able to score Grease tickets once we arrived.

Now, if you clicked on the stage version link above, you noticed that the run of "Tarzan" has been cut short -- set now to end on July 8. This is before the date The Beat for which The Beat had already purchased tickets. And, ironically enough, we learned this on the very day the tickets arrived in the mail.

Then tickets, of course, are refundable, but now we're booked for a trip to NYC that includes no Broadway shows. And, despite, the knowledge that there is plenty to do there and that the daughter has never been, it still takes some of the luster off.