Whith Kate Voegele taking the stage last night at The Basement, The Beat was made to feel renewed guilt about a question we asked the fresh-faced up-and-comer during our phone interview a couple weeks back.

The press materials advancing the Cleveland native's show with singer-songwriter Tyrone Wells made mention of her status as a student at Miami (OH) University. The Beat, as is our wont, asked a tongue-in-cheek question about how rockers are supposed to drop out of school. Turns out she had decided not to re-enroll following the belated completion of her sophomore year. Fortunately, it wasn't a sticky topic, but it sure wasn't what we expected.

We were also amused by her statement (that didn't make it into our preview story) about how in high school and even college, she is a little weird and out-of-the-ordinary, but having spent much time in Los Angeles in the past couple years promoting her work and signing a record deal, she said "In L.A., I'm the most normal person you'll meet."