First, to follow-up on last Friday's post hoping OK Go and The Fray would do something unexpected to keep The Beat's attention after Mae left the Germain Amphitheater stage. It didn't happen.

The Beat generally likes The Fray. Nice songs, plus a style and instrumentation that would make them a Beat fave. But it just isn't happening. We kept hoping for some sort of bombast, to move beyond placid soundscapes to something that would move us. Two tunes stood out: First, an interesting cover; and second, an unreleased song with a rootsy feel.

OK Go? Well, the Damien Kulash has a great rapport with the audience. Never been a huge fan.

Mae's short set drew heavily from it's yet-to-be-released new CD, Singularity. And also included our current favorite from the band's prior release, "The Everglow" - "Anything".

So here's where the out off touch thing comes into play - and this is embarrassing for a person who does this for a living. But we had no idea just how big The Fray had become. Of course, we knew they'd had a couple songs hit big, and How to save a Life has become a song that makes us think of that montage at the end of a TV show where they show all the important characters learning lessons or dealing with whatever happened in the episode, but this was wholly unexpected. The place was packed, and the fans totally agog at The Fray. We're not suggesting the adulation was misplaced - just because we're not a fan doesn't mean someone else couldn't be - just that the scope of it caught us totally off-guard.