Today's print edition of The Beat features an interview with Black 47's Larry Kirwan. Here's some of that interview that didn't make the piece, as Kirwan talks about writing.

"I've been lucky enough to have been granted a small talent for three of the four main writing disciplines: songs, plays, novels. I might have made a decent poet but I felt the songwriting would bring me to a wider audience. And's it's too late now - poetry really demands time. Of course, talent is nothing unless you put a mlot of time into honing the necessary skills. I did that with the thee disciplines. whatever one thinks of what I've done, I can now take an idea and filter it through the three possibilities."

Kirwan is a published author and playwright, and opens a play titled "The Heart Has a Mind of Its Own" in New York City this September.

Check out the schedule of Black 47 and Larry Kirwan (reading) performances at the Dublin Irish festival here.