So much story to tell, and only so much space - as in, there's more to share from our interview with Erin Coors of the touring production of "The Wedding Singer".

For example, the cast is primarily made up of young people in their 20s, meaning their memory of the 1980s, the time in which the musical is set, is limited to elementary school and popular culture references.

“I had to do some research in the interest of making (the show) a good representation of the times,” Coors told The Beat. Toward this effort, “We have a specific area on our call board called ‘Today in 1985’ that highlights the news of this date but back when the story takes place.”

The Beat’s primary concern, as one whose coming of age, if you will (we entered high school in the fall of 1980 and graduated from college in the spring of 1988) was spent during that decade, was that the show and/or cast not treat the era as fodder for camp, relying only on pop culture stereotypes.

“I have nothing but good things to say about the 80s,” Coors assured us.