Should The Von Bondies not make it to Columbus for their scheduled Saturday show at The Basement, you may have The Beat to blame. Yes, it's true. When we called frontman Jason Stollsteimer for a phone interview late last week, he asked if we could call back, as he was trying to finish his dinner. About 20 minutes later, we called back and he thanked us for allowing him to shovel in his Thai food, and he joked "I might get sick and might not make it to Columbus. It'll be your fault." (At least we assumed he was joking.)

And we're pretty sure Stollsteimer wants to come to Columbus. Although a Michigan native, he gave our city big ups, saying audiences here latched onto the band's tune "C'mon C'Mon" off this last album, and the crowd for their most recent show was solid even though they'd never been here before.

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