Sorry, Derek, if you happen to read this, for the entry title. I'm sure it's the first time you've read something like that, too.

During The Beat's interview with Derek Han, the Upper Arlington native and professional classical pianist who will play at theb Southern Theatre Saturday courtesy Chamber Music Columbus, we asked him about playing n the three distinct settings for "classical" musicians - feature solo with orchestra, chamber music settings and solo recital. Clearly, like most musicians, he enjoys each for different reasons. Following is some of what he had to say, focusing mostly on the recital format, as that's how he'll be performing here:

"Each experience enriches you further. With an orchestra, you have this huge range of sound and power. The chamber setting is great for a musician, a very satisfying medium, as you get to interact closely with other musicians."

"Playing in recital by yourself requires a certain amount of focus. As a musician totally baring yourself to the audience, it's just you and your art, and you have to communicate that to the public. It's an intimate conversation, and an intense experience. Unfortunately, it's somewhat of a dying art - becoming less and less popular."