So The Beat was excited when they made Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the late 60s Disney film based on the Ian Fleming - yes, that Ian Fleming - novel into a Broadway musical, now on tour and currently in Columbus through the weekend.

You see, The Beat was a big fan of the movie as a young child. We first saw the movie at a local drive-in theater, and we were immediately hooked.

We wore out the 33 RPM album on our parents' console stereo, which was just the right height for us to peer over and into. We knew practically none of the words to Me Ol' Bamboo, but it was our favorite. Even better was our die-cast replica of the flying car, which did not survive the years of play it took from us and then our younger siblings. (That lever that deployed the wings was probably not meant to be used as capriciously as it was...)

A Critic Crony touted his Chitty Chitty Bang Bang lunch box, which we don't find anywhere near as cool.