A heads-up - tomorrow's edition of The Beat includes a bit about the upcoming Central Ohio Folk Festival. Our communication with Nancy Cline Bailey about this year's festival brought to light something we found very interesting.

She said each year they hold a "Worst Song Contest." Since many attendees/participants start to gather on Friday evening even though the festival doesn't really get rolling until Saturday - well, you know what they say about idle hands. Member John Locke has taken to signing folks up to enter the contest, which is judged by the formal method of applause, whistling and other "raucous behavior," according to Cline.

She assured us it has nothing to do with quality of performance, but rather the quality, of lack thereof, of the song itself. She also noted that they've had to add one little rule. "Worst does not mean 'dirtiest.'"

All in good, fun, she said.