The Beat lunched with the good folks from CAPA today in preparation for our upcoming arts season preview sections. (First time eating at Tip Top and safe to say we'll be back.)

We chatted a bit about the organization's first Festival Latino, held weekend before last on the downtown waterfront. All positives, shared with a mix of satisfaction and amazement.

Also talked at length about the first season at the Lincoln Theatre. More notes in our preview (hello, tease), and first season of its marketing/operations partnership with Broadway Across America.

Heard also that the recently-hosted Church Basement Ladies (starring William Christopher, more on him later), did very well. CAPA didn't know quite what to expect but the show was good and so were audiences.

Director of programming Rich Corsi scooped us to the following police-blotter item, though. Apparently there is a time limit for using a CAPA theatre pass to park, as Christopher, the MASH star who graciously shared some time with The Beat, learned. "We told him to just park around back and put this (the parking pass) on his dashboard," Corsi said. "He got a $50 ticket."