The Beat figures we owe him a little sumthin-sumthin given that we opened our phone interview with "Hey! Is this Dwight?"

Oh that we were making this up.

Actually, he was real cool, especially when we offered to let him use an alternate name when addressing us for the rest of the interview.

As usual, we put as much of the cool stuff from the interview as we could in our print piece previewing this weekend's Hookahville festival.

What didn't really fit but that we wanted to share was the brief interruption of our phone conversation when Emmitt said, "Wait - oh - there's a bird in my car."

After some initial shock, he seemed to chalk it up to "living in Colorado" and "being close to nature" and what-have-you. He followed this up with "Last night there was a bear in my car."


Apparently, his kids left a half-eaten Power Bar in the car and, "if there's any kind of open food around, a bear will find it."

We took him at his word.