The Beat's print piece on the touring production of the musical 101 Dalmations runs Thursday, but we 're bloogging bits and piece early this week since the show opens tomorrow at the Palace Theatre.

One of the two actors we interviewed for the story, Madeleine Doherty, had airline troubles, causing us to miss the originally-scheduled time for our phoner. She was taking one night off from the show's run in Chiacgo to return to NYC for a few auditions, ("I take one night off..." she would tell us later, exasperated), but ran into multiple delays, and we didn't catch up with ehr until the following day, when she had finally arrived and was riding a cab into Manthattan.

We told her this obviously meant she had saved all of her positive karma/good fortune/whatever-you-want-to-call-it for the auditions themselves.

She seemed satisfied with that.

Doherty also admitted she was just out of period of mourning for a number she was in that had been removed from the show. She said it is exciting to be continually developing the show while on tour, and that she had a feeling about tyhe number, which was a terrific piece, very entertaining, but which didn't really help advance the narrative.

"Being an actress for as long as I have I kind of knew it was on the endangered list," she said.

Donherty was in television news in Indianapolis, "dabbling in community theater," when she decided to make the great leap, follow her dream and move to New York, "much to my father's chagrin." This was in the 80s, she said, and she quickly enrolled in what is called the university of Broadway, meaning she just went on audition after audition until she got work, and then never stopped working.

"Getting into a couple of long-running musicals helped," she said - Doherty was in the original Broadway casts of The Producers and Les Miserables.

We'll blog tomorrow a bit about actor Michael Thomas Holmes.