We talked with 30 Seconds to Mars guitarist Tomo Milicevic about making the music on the band's most recent record, This Is War, and shared a bit of that , including about the band's recruitment of thousands of fans to record different vocal sounds for the record.

One of those segments is the shout-sung "whoa" section at the end of the first single, Kings & Queens.

The Beat has thought that part was incredibly cool from our first listen - the section is a repeat of the band-sung opening, and is a near-perfect rock n' roll staple - imagine an arena or club full of folks singing this and pumping their fisrst in the air.

So we asked Milicevic if 30StM knows it has hit on something when they write something like this.

"No," he said. "You always think it sucks, that something's wrong. When you're writing music all you can hear is what you'd do differently."

If it were up to us, we'd leave that part alone.

Additionally, the story of the Kings & Queens video can be found here.