Well, our print piece on Dashboard Confessional/Chris Carrabba didn't allow for a full conclusion to the stuff about his split from original band Further Seems Forever.

Carrabba admitted the split was difficult, as the members of the band were also close friends. While musically and professionally, Carrabba may have decided it was time to move on, he said there was never any bad blood.

In fact, now he's playing the occasional date with a newly-semi-reconstituted FSF.

"We're grown-ups now," (more semi-related on this later), Carrabba said. While Carrabba would see FSF members, "it was sort of unspoken we would not pick up our guitars. We were being supportive of their new bandmates and the friendships they'd formed."

"After their last iternation folded (FSF recorded a few more records, with slightly different lineups each time, before hanging it up), the rest of those cats just put it to bed."

So in recent years "soon we were playing some of those old or even new songs. There was no plan. We weren't telling people - but we started feeling kind of proud, remembering 'Hey, we're good at this.'"

Moving forward by moving backward has been a by-product of his current tour marking the 10th anniversary of Dashboard Confessional's debut The Swiss Army Romance.

"I've been reminded of who I was as I revisited this record. There are days when I still feel like that kid, which I think is a good thing."

"But, and the younger me would punch myself in the face for saying it, but it's good to be a grown-up."