One of the treats of our kind of work it to meet people like those we met earlier this week - the three young folks who make up InnerVision. If you missed the print piece, read it here.

We asked some follow-up questions of Paula Shepherd, the mother of Sam Shepherd, one of the members of the group. We received her reply after we went to print, but it was such good stuff, we just had to share.

So, in her words...

The disability angle is integral to the story. All three of the kids are emerging from their educations with lots of question marks. What are they going to do with their lives after graduation? How will they support themselves? Will they be able to be independent?

Our kids' blindness in combination with their other prematurity-induced issues have made their lives from birth to today quite difficult. The beauty of their music is that it flows naturally out of them. They work very hard at practicing individually and rehearsing together but this is one area where they are more than competent; they are excellent. It is very satisfying for them to be able to excel, to inspire, to entertain, to contribute, to encourage, to bless, to share.

When they perform, they have a sweetly disarming effect on their audiences. We see tears and ear-to-ear grins equally. Almost always we hear folks saying that they were amazed at the kids' musicianship, that the kids exceeded their expectations.