You've seen the video. (Once again, big thanks to BalletMet dancers David Webb (Gluttony), Zoica Tovar (Lust), Andres Estevez, (Sloth), Sarah Stockman (Greed) and Kerri Riccardi (Envy). Our video project likely pushed them a bit out of their comfort zones but they embraced the fun.)

You've read our story.

And tonight, BalletMet Columbus and ShadowboxLive open their collaboration on 7 Deadly Sins.

And there - we can't have given a more dramatic intro.

Bottom line this should be a most entertaining show, what with Shadowbox's house band on stage rockin' while BalletMet dancers get all sinful and stuff. But pulling it together took plenty of hard work, as both Gerard Charles of BalletMet and Steve Guyer of Shadowbox confessed.

"We both have our ways of working," Charles said. "We forget that not everyone does things the same way."

We asked Guyer, whose company is a self-contained production group, how he took to leaving so many decisions in the hands of others.

"It sucked," he said. "It was really hard to watch other people make those kinds of decisions."

In the end, the six different choreographers engaged to set the pieces became again another equal partner, as Charles alluded to in our print piece.

We spoke to one of the choreographers, Amy Seiwart, last fall when she was here to set her piece, Envy.

"I chose envy because it felt like it might be fun to portray. It has a subtlety to it, but at the same time it's an ugly emotion, with a dark uckiness."

So you're in for at least some dark uckiness, audience members. Enjoy.