This is a blog about (fake) blood, but first, a bit of housekeeping (no pun intended).

You watched the preview video we shot with CATCO's Steven Anderson, and you nopted we said that the company's production of Evil Dead The Musical opens Friday, June 1. Well, of course, June 1 is not a Friday, it's a Wednesday. The show opens June 1.

In our defense, zombies - or deadites as they're called in Evil Dead - aren't that bright. (Watch this video too.)

On to some actual housekeeping, after a fashion. You also may have noted that, in the above-linked video, we get, well, messy. A couple things we should note: one, that CATCO will be offering protection for those seated in the "splatter zone"; and two, that, properly treated, your clothes should come clean, but you might want to consider wearing something you don't mind never wearing again.

We can also tell you that the working formula for the effect blood must include some chocolate syrup. This is not a good enough reason to leave your mouth open.

Josef Matulich, the show's 'blood czar,' seemed to quite enjoy splattering The Beat. But we knew we were in for something - Anderson told us during an earlier interview that "he is passionate about his blood effects." Matulich himself said "I started making rubber masks when I was 14. After a while, you just start falling in with the kind of crowd that trades tips on how to make good intestines." Our last clue came when we mentioned in an off-camera talk-through of the video that we were also going to make mention of heavy metal band The Black Dahlia Murder, and Matulich knew right away that the name referenced a brutal, unsolved 1947 murder.

It feels good to have been splattered by the best.